Brighton has to be one of my favourite places to visit in the UK. Living in London, it’s one of the closest seaside towns to visit and there is always something new and fun to do there.

I visited back in the summer for Brighton Pride (which is amazing) and I was keen to come back before the year was out for a final Brighton fix! I booked a really cheap room at the Seafront Travelodge – nothing glamorous but perfectly adequate for an overnight stay in a great location and at £29 you can’t argue with the price.

First stop was a coffee with Charlie from Modish Male who lives in the area. Go and check out his blog and follow him on Instagram for lols. Fun fact, he doesn’t drink hot drinks, so we went to Wafflemeister where we had a Nutella Sandwich – An American Waffle with Nutella, mixed nuts, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream (What’s not to love?). They also do some pretty amazing looking shakes and smoothies, and have a Gelato counter, so if you are ever in the area I’d recommend popping in for a sweet fix.

Charlie recommended that I check out a bar called The Gin Tub, which is in Hove. I’d never explored the Hove side of Brighton before and Markus didn’t need much persuading when I told him about it! (Incase your geography is as bad as mine, Hove is immediately to the west of Brighton and is 5-10 minutes walk to get into the centre of it). We had such a great time there. Essentially The Gin Tub is a cocktail bar with a fantastic gin menu, but the fun part is all of the tables have their own telephone so you can ring up the bar with your order, or ring up another table if you fancy a chat with them! I love a novelty and despite the bar being only a few feet away from our table, I used the phone every single time. The cocktails & gin were fantastic and they do an awesome happy hour with two cocktails for £12.

For dinner we were planning to go to The Ginger Pig which I’ve heard great things about, but unfortunately it was closed for a private event. Instead we stumbled across a burger bar called 7Bone which thankfully was open late as it was now about 9pm on a Sunday evening. We went for their Buttermilk fried Chicken Burger which comes with a hash brown in it, with a side of truffled mac ‘n cheese. (probably didn’t need the side) but it all tasted amazing non the less. If ever you visit, check out the toilets which play the sounds of seagulls squawking – just incase you forget you are by the sea!

The following morning Markus had to go to work so I was left to explore on my own. First stop was the beach. No matter what time of year I love getting to the sea and spending some time by it. Then I took a walk around the Royal Pavilion Gardens which looked stunning on at sunny Autumn day.

Breakfast at The Breakfast Club. I went for my usual classic, Avocado and poached egg on rye, with a flat white and a  slow boy juice (carrot, apple, ginger and orange).

With a meeting in London to get back for, it was time for me to go – but not before a cheeky look in Homesense. I don’t travel well on trains unless I’m carrying an awkwardly sized piece of home decor.

So that was my trip, all in 24 hours. I can’t recommend going away for the night enough. It felt like a much longer time and was so much fun to escape London for the evening. Have a look what is near to you and take yourself off on an adventure. Please let me know if you’ve been anywhere interesting & fun lately that I should try and visit.

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