*The items in this review were gifted.

One part of my recent wardrobe declutter you didn’t see was me sorting out my underwear drawer. I didn’t think anyone needed to see that on my YouTube channel. I’ve managed to get it down to 9 pairs of boxer shorts. One for every day of the week and a couple of spares. If I go on any trips longer than that I’ll be making use of washing facilities because lets face it packing more than 9 pairs of underwear to go away is slightly excessive anyway!

Mr Carrington boxer shorts

Only my best pairs made the cut, along with some new ones that were kindly sent over to me from a London brand called Maxibillion.

They sent me two pairs of their boxers, along with a crew neck t-shirt. All of which came beautifully packaged and in individual zip pouches.

Maxibillion Underwear

The cut they sent me is called Geneva, which I’d describe as a mid length trunk. I prefer boxer shorts not to be too long in the leg as I find they can bunch up. They are true to size (I’m wearing size M which is what I usually go for being a 32 inch waist) and fit really nicely.

The fabric they are made out of is called Micromodal Air (93%) along with 7% elastane which gives them the stretch. I have to confess I had no idea what Micromodal was so I have googled it, and I can tell you that Modal is a super silky, fine knit fabric made from Beech Tree pulp, and MicroModal uses a finer ground cellulosic fibre which creates a denser concentration of fibres without adding any weight, giving it an ever softer / silkier feel, and MicroModal Air is the lightest of all of them. Phew!

Essentially it’s a sleek, luxurious feeling fabric that is light, and 50% more absorbent than cotton making it a popular choice for sportswear and underwear.

maximillion boxer shorts

Modal is also wrinkle and shrink resistant. Perfect for the guy that still doesn’t own an iron and occasionally puts a wash on at the wrong temperature. The care instructions for these is to machine wash cold, and they’ve held their shape nicely.

In terms of comfort I’m really impressed. I’ve worn these on an 8 hour flight, and there was no wrinkling up, or parts digging into me. And for want of a better word, they won’t give you a wedgey. Sorry. Bet you haven’t heard that word since school 🙂

The waist band is also comfortable, the hems are really fine so no digging in, and the design is simple enough that it looks good without being ott if you catch a glimpse of them.

maxibillion boxer shorts

The t-shirt is really comfortable too, in the same fabric which is perfect to wear as an under layer (I’m a big fan of pairing a t-shirt with an over coat / jacket to avoid getting too hot) and this piece is formal enough to wear out whilst offering a luxurious feel on the skin, or to wear as an under garment beneath a shirt or in bed.

For me the price point of these items is pretty high, the boxers are £35, and the T-shirt is £55. But given that these are from a luxury brand the price is comparative to other designer mens underwear, and if the fabric holds up in the way that it’s described they should last a really long time and retain their shape and finish.

If you would like to see these on video, have a little watch of the Vlog below, where I unbox them and you can also come behind the scenes of me trying to get the shots of me wearing them. Hats off to all the underwear models out there, it isn’t easy!

Hope you found this review useful and if you have any questions you can always drop me a line over on my Instagram or Twitter.

Thank you so much for reading!



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