Dr Martens mens Chelsea boots black

Hello! I’m back with another outfit post today, styling my new Dr Martens Chelsea boots with a thrifted outfit. The team at Jacamo reached out to me and very kindly asked if I’d like to choose something from their website.

My first thought was clothing, but as you may know I’ve been on my declutter mission along with an attempt to buy pieces that will last longer in my wardrobe. I’m finding so much good stuff in the charity shops at the minute when it comes to clothes I thought I should have a long hard think about what would really be of benefit to me and my wardrobe.

Something that has been on my radar for a while as been a pair of Dr Martens. I have similar style shoes and boots from H&M that I wear all the time so I’ve been contemplating a little upgrade for a while now.

I also work with a cameraman who swears by them for comfort, which is always reassuring! One thing I’ve noticed, men are very particular when it comes to boots, and I’ve found myself having quite long and detailed conversations about styles and comfort ratings with quite a few chaps!

The last time I wore Dr Martens was when I was about 15 at secondary school. They were the lace up boot design and I think I may have customised them with a TipEx pen. I know, so edgy. Before that it was Kickers all the way but I think there was some sort of divide forming between towny kids who wore Adidas joggers with poppers and boys that wore eyeliner and scratched ‘tattoos’ on their arms with compasses. I don’t think I fitted into either but I was easily influenced and was probably just trying to increase my shoe collection to be honest with you.

Dr Martens mens Chelsea boots black

One of my favourite male bloggers Sam over at The Man Blueprint has a pair of the Chelsea Boot variety that I’d spied over on Instagram and I really liked the look of them. My H&M dupes are still going strong and are both lace up so I thought these would be a good little addition to my wardrobe and look good with both tailored trousers and jeans. (I am very aware I say that sentence about 500 times in every haul or post, but it’s important to know these options).

In terms of comfort I’ve heard mixed reviews with Dr Martens, and tales of people  getting blisters for days and battling on with 6 pairs of socks to try to break them in. Honestly these have been absolutely fine! I opted for my regular size 10 and wore them with a medium thick pair of sports socks and had no issues whatsoever. My friend Luke (who very kindly took the photo’s in this post) has a pair of the DM shoes and was advised to size down because if they are on the loose side that’s when the rubbing can start, so worth keeping that in mind. I guess with shoes you are more likely to wear a thinner sock too. Dr Martens mens Chelsea boots black The only thing I would say, is when I first put them on they did feel quite tight, with the bone on the top of my foot feeling like it was pressing right into the leather, but that has eased off with a few outings.

Let me know what you think of them! I’ve put them together with a thrifted outfit, going for the full cereal / oatmeal vibes.  The trousers are originally from Topman, the shirt is Uniqlo and a simple white t-shirt underneath.

Dr Martens mens Chelsea boots black

This post was sponsored by Jacamo. All opinions my own.

Photography: Luke Catleugh

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