This week has seen a definite shift in the weather. People are commenting on how ‘it feel’s like Autumn’, ‘It’s getting dark earlier’ and even ‘Not long ’til Christmas now!’….We’ve seen all of the First day of school photo’s on social media, the shops are rammed with new pencil cases and there are already Pumpkins and new window displays featuring wool coats and scarves.

Personally I’m still trying to eek out as much of Summer as I can and I’m not packing away my summer wardrobe just yet (I’m heading to Ibiza in a few weeks, which I’m so excited about) and I’m quietly confident we still have a few days of sunshine left here in the UK. 

But at this time of year I always start to think about my home a bit more. It’s probably because most summer’s are a really busy work time for me and I end up spending a lot of time away from home, so I start to crave being there more. I guess in summer I also spend a lot more time out and about, whereas in autumn I’ll spend a lot more time indoors. We also moved into our home in October and I have really fond memories of when we first arrived, when it was an empty shell and we’d sit on camping chairs eating takeaway’s watching the XFactor back when it was still worth watching. (2009 was a good year!)

Every autumn, once I’m convinced it has definitely arrived (a sure sign of it for me is when I switch my central heating on – another thing I’ll avoid for as long as possible) and other factors include Downton Abbey being on TV (I don’t watch it but I like it as background on Sundays) and condensation forming on my windows (urgh),  I’ll switch up a few things around the home to bring it into the Autumn vibe and make it feel cosier. 

With this in mind I thought I’d share with you my Autumn homeware picks that have just hit the stores, and most of them are under a tenner! 

I love the simple check design on this wide print duvet cover, it’s got a slight retro vibe with the addition of the yellow and it’s brushed cotton which is perfect for cold nights! From £13 at ASDA.

 This plate is another retro pick, with the 70’s mustard edging. I generally prefer to pick up genuine retro items at vintage or charity shops, but I think this is a fantastic design and one that wouldn’t look out of place at Anthropologie. £4 from Asda.

 As most of you will know, I love my Succulents, both indoors and outside on my roof terrace. They are relatively easy to keep alive, but if you want an artificial option I love this one in a copper pot with hammered detailing from Primark for £3.

 I love candles despite my current ban on them in the lounge (I’ve painted it white and don’t want to get it covered in smoke marks again – see the video here) – this one is Green Leaf & Amber – £2 from Primark.

 Move over the Pineapple and make way for the humble Acorn! We all know where mighty Oaks come from. Perfect to Squirrel away your trinkets (sorry) this large metal box is £8.99 from H&M

 If you are into your interiors and homeware and you haven’t already stumbled Abigale Ahern then I suggest you check out her amazing blog and books! She’s a lover of painting rooms dark and mixing in artificial botanicals and pops of colour. I was given her book by one of my best friends and have been so inspired by it. This flower display wouldn’t look out of place in one of her rooms and I really like it’s bold and dark colour scheme. £45 M&S

 We all know copper is a big trend but I think it’s time to make way for brass! You can find some amazing brass pieces in vintage stores at low prices because they aren’t in vogue thanks to the copper / rose gold trend but trust me it’s shifting and you can achieve just as amazing looks with brass. I picked up a brass tray recently and it looks amazing. This old fashioned lamp is £12 from Wilko.

I’m not sure what you are meant to do with this bottle / vase other than put a dinner candle or single stem in it, or maybe you could decant gin from it? But I just really like the design and it say’s Fern which is the name of my niece so I think I’m going to pick one up for her. (she’s only 1 but she’ll appreciate it when she’s older!) £12.99 H&M

I think this cushion is so cool, I really like the star formations and think it would look amazing on a leather arm chair or maybe even outside to accompany a bit of star gazing. £6.99 H&M

Another candle. I’m sorry! Anything that smells of pine & Christmas trees is probably one of my favourite winter fragrances. I know it’s probably more Christmas than Autumn but to be honest I really liked the tin and the label! £8.99 H&M

Let me know which of these is your favourite and if there’s anything you’ve seen in the shops that I should know about!


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