*Warning – this post contains a lot of pictures of blue skies and sandy beaches. I apologise if you are reading this in the UK and it causes any form of holiday envy!* 

How is it November already!? Earlier in October I went away for a few days to Ibiza after a busy summer of work. Of course it seems like a lifetime ago now, as holiday’s usually do! I think early October is a fantastic time to visit Ibiza if you’ve never been before. It’s still hot enough to sunbathe and swim in the sea (more on that later) and there are the closing parties if you are looking for nightlife. 

I thought I’d share with you some of the outfits I wore on the trip, and also I wanted to tell you about Formentera which is a new discovery for me, and one that I’ll definitely be returning to! 

During our trip (we stayed on the west coat of Ibiza, in San Antonio Bay) we stumbled across some boat trips and saw that you could do a day trip to Formentera which is the smallest of the Balearic Islands and knows as Ibiza’s little sister. 

The boat took a couple of hours, and was a lot of fun. (Conveniently there was a bar on board). It sailed past so many beautiful coves and amazing rock formations. If you don’t have your sea legs you can take a much shorter boat trip across from Ibiza Town that only takes 40 minutes. 

Upon arriving at Formentera you can hire bikes, cars or take buses to all of the main beaches and attractions. We’d heard that the best beach to visit is on the north side, called Playa Illetes, and it’s only a 15 minute bus ride from the port. 

And wow, what a beach! Honestly, this is the nicest beach I’ve ever been to. You are almost blinded by the turquoise water on the white sand, that stretches out for miles. It reminded me of the Caribbean – I think possibly better! My photographs don’t do it justice but I highly recommend that you visit it if ever you go to Ibiza to see it for yourself. The water was shallow and crystal clear, so the light reflections off it were epic! 

For this day trip I wore:

Short sleeved shirt – Primark Man
Cropped trousers – NewLook Men
Pumps – Puma

Obviously this outfit wasn’t suitable for the beach, but it was perfect to wear on the boat and also later on that evening for dinner. I packed my trunks, beach towel and a vest to change into at the beach.

Vest – Topman
Trunks – Primark Man

The most expensive super Yacht in the world “Sailing Yacht A” was anchored just off the Formentera. It’s rumoured to have cost 300 million dollars! I think the boat above is more in my budget range.

One of the things we love to do in Ibiza is go for hikes. If you head out of San Antonio, along the path past the likes of Cafe Mambo & Cafe del Mar, and if you keep walking along the coast you will come across some stunning coves and cliff top walks. For this I opted for something casual and comfortable!

T – Primark Man
Shorts – Puma
Trainers – Nike

My last outfit is a good day to night option. I went for some palm print cropped trousers which definitely say holiday to me, and combined them with a simple T and some slip on pumps.

T-Shirt – BooHooMan
Palm print cropped trousers – NewLook Men
Slip on pumps – Coach.

One thing that’s never far away in Ibiza is an amazing sunset! I took these on the boat trip back from Formentera. It was such a great day! 

Finally, my beach towel is from Primark home. I liked the slogan and it’s really thin, which actually works in it’s favour when taking it on a day trip. There is no better feeling than turning on the ‘Out of Office’, although it’s never quite the same when you are freelance!

Let me know if you have discovered anywhere recently, or if you’ve got any fun trips planned!

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