Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been over here on the blog. It feels great to be back. If you watch my YouTube videos you may have seen my recent trip to Ikea, where I went on a mission with my mate Luke to pick up some pieces for my roof terrace makeover, and to show you what’s new in store. As a pair of self confessed Ikea lovers we had a brilliant time, but I know not everyone feels this way about Ikea, so I thought it would be a good idea to share my Ikea shopping tips and tricks with you to make your next visit there that bit more enjoyable!

I thought the best thing to do would be to write a list, and then you can screen grab it or scribble down any things you find useful and take them with you on your visit.

  1. Go when it’s quiet. Ikea can get really busy at peak times. I got there at 10am on a regular Monday, and it was really quiet and relaxed, but by midday it was starting to fill up. Avoid weekends and bank holiday’s if you can.
  2. Visit with someone who wants to be there. Ikea can be a lot of fun, but it’s not for everyone. And there’s nothing worse than trying to shop whilst someone is moaning or trying to hurry you. You might be better off going alone so you can go at your own pace, and there is always the cafe to have someone wait for you.
  3. Talking of the cafe.. take a drink and a snack, and make use of the Ikea canteen as a mid way treat. They even serve wine in there now. I know! Although I avoided that, because after a large pinot I’d have probably filled three of the yellow bags in ten minutes and end up coming home with enough pillar candles to light St Paul’s Cathedral.
  4. Sign up for a family card. It offers some great discounts on furniture and food in store. Also, they send out a special discount on your birthday. This year I received a £5 off voucher on my Birthday – so if you are visiting soon perhaps you could sign up for the Ikea Family Card and change the date of  your Birthday to a week or so in advance of your trip. Bit sneaky yes, but if the Queen can have two birthdays I reckon that’s ok!
  5. Make use of the camera on your phone to photograph the labels / dimensions of items you want to collect from the warehouse.
  6. Go with a list and prioritise it. If you have something specific in mind, study the map before you enter and you may be able to take a short cut to the area you need – or alternatively you can enter straight into the warehouse via the exit doors if you know exactly what you need.
  7. Allow plenty of time if you are planning on browsing the entire store, and give yourself an hour at the end to find everything you need in the warehouse and get through the check out.
  8. If you don’t have you own transport, it’s worth comparing their delivery options with getting an Uber XL if you are in London. It cost me £28 to get me and everything home in an Uber, and if I’d had it delivered it would have been £35 and I would have had to pay for my own transport home on top of that.
  9. Go easy on the low price items. Do you really need 100 tea lights, that £1.50 throw or six bottles of mustard? You do? Ok, who am I to stop you.
  10. Check out bargain corner. I’ve not had much luck in here previously because things can be damaged to the point it’s put me off them – but on this trip they had the exact chair I wanted with £12 discount, because of some pencil scribbles. I used some wipes out of my bag on them to see if the pencil would come off, and it did, so I felt confident with my purchase. Maybe take some wipes haha. If you want to know what else I carry in my backpack you can find out here.
  11. Visit in the sales. Ikea have some bargains in their sales, so it’s worth trying to visit when these are on. Sign up to their mailing list for alerts.
  12. Consider just browsing in store then buying online. There’s a huge amount of inspiration to be had from touring around the rooms and trying out furniture pieces for size. You might find it better to have a few days after you visit to consider things and double measure and then feel confident to order online and have it delivered.
  13. At the warehouse make use of the computers there to search items and find the correct aisles. After not finding the chairs anywhere in store that I had in mind, this made finding them easy.
  14. Make use of the free brown paper and string at the check out if you have fragile items. There is nothing worse than arriving home to find something has broken in your bag, and you can reuse the paper.

If you have any tips I’d love to hear them in the comments, hope you found this helpful, and if you are heading to Ikea soon, good luck and have fun!

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Ikea Shopping Vlog:

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  1. Karen
    August 15, 2018 / 8:02 am

    I’m a new subscriber to your channel, I absolutely love love love IKEA too!
    I’m going to our nearest one this weekend – can’t wait

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