Hi everyone! Venice; one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. I thought I’d share with you my top Instagram spots, and a few tips on how to get a photo along with the thousands of other tourists without being photobombed or falling a canal (I came pretty close). Here is my Instagram if you want to pop over 🙂

1: Rialto Bridge. The most famous bridge in Venice, this is a spot tourists flock to.  It’s views over the grand canal, and it’s striking white stone makes it the perfect back drop. There’s a couple of spots alongside the canal you can get a picture from if you want it behind you – one being the jetty’s that you will see people taking their turn to pose on, and the other being a small stone wall beside the Fondaco Dei Tedeschi. The bridge itself gets very crowded, so to get a photograph without being sandwiched between Denise and the gals taking a selfie, and Sandra & Frank posing with the single red rose he just forked out 3 euros for, you will have to get up at sunrise! Rialto Bridge Venice Rialto Bridge Venice

“Quickly take the shot, there’s a tour group arriving..”

2. St Mark’s Square Venice, St Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace.

This is probably top on the list for anyone visiting Venice, and with it’s beautiful Palace, Basilica and surrounding buildings the photo opportunities are endless. This place is absolutely heaving by midday, but if you don’t want to set your early alarm like I did (it was just me and about 3 newly weds snapping away) then the best bet is to just go with the fact that it’s going to be busy. In my panic to act natural with an almost empty St Mark’s Square at my disposal I decided to sit on the floor. #casual

St Mark's Square Venice, St Mark's Basilica & Doge's Palace St Mark's Square Venice, St Mark's Basilica & Doge's Palace

During the busier hours, I noticed a lot of people sitting up on the wall situated above me in this photo, (you can walk around the other side which isn’t so high) and this gives you a back drop of Doge’s Palace, and by shooting at a low angle you will get a shot of you in front of it without any tourists in shot. You’re welcome!

I was pleased with the pigeon action in this shot. I feel they are a good distraction from the nipple trying to say hi.

St Mark's Square Venice, St Mark's Basilica & Doge's Palace

I’d also recommend being very patient with other tourists. They will stand between you and your camera regardless of how much space surrounds you. Here I am patiently waiting for this lady to finish her sneaky snaps of an artists work (busted Joyce!) before I decided to sit on the floor in the pigeon’s toilet.

3. The Venice Canals.

I’m way too tight to fork out the 80 euros for half an hour on a Gondola, but if you are feeling in the mood to shell out 2.60 euro a minute (yes I did the maths and that is a lot of Aperol Spritz & Gelato) then you will definately get some fantastic shots! A more budget friendly option is to snap away from one of the river buses or get some shots from the many bridges.

Venice Canals 4. Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo

This small Palace situated moments away from St Marks Square known for its outdoor spiral staircase known as the Scala Contarini del Bovolo which means “of the snail”. At the top you get fabulous views over the city and St Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace. I thought the arches were really nice to grab a photo in and they also frame the view perfectly too! 

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo5. Bridge of Sighs.

It’s said that the Bridge of Sighs is named after the sighs of prisoners crossing it taking a last look at Venice before going to prison. These days you will hear the sighs of tourists jostling to get a shot and afterwards realising John had his thumb over the lens. How many times John! 

You can get shots of the bridge from two other bridges either side, so it’s worth having a look at it from both sides if you have got the time.

bridge of sighs Venice

bridge of sighs Venice 6. Burano. 

Not technically Venice but it’s the Instagram dream so I had to include it! It’s 40 minutes by boat and cost 7.50 euro one way. I did a vlog of my trip there last year if you fancy a look around with me, and also wrote up a blog post about it here. The colourful houses on this small fishing island make for some pretty er… pretty photos! It’s a tourist hotspot but I managed to get a shot without the crowds by standing to one side and shooting towards the water, and just waiting for a gap in passing people.

burano italy instagram

I just want to wrap this post up by saying I am by no means an expert when it comes to photography, posing for photos or capturing travel content, I just enjoy trying to create some pictures for my blog and Instagram that appear a little more calm amid the chaos of tourist spots, and hopefully show places at the best I can do. Enjoy your holiday and if all else fails snap your Gelato. Everyone loves Gelato.




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