The clothes featured in this post were kindly gifted to me by BooHoo Man. 

Hello everyone! You may be reading this in a puddle of your own sweat? Don’t worry, I’m currently sat here writing this in my swimming trunks, as you do. The UK heatwave is well and truly upon us. This week is expecting highs of 37C and it’s been predicted that we might yet see the hottest temperatures the UK has ever seen. I can’t remember a summer like this, and I’m certainly not complaining. I love London in the sunshine despite the fact that buses become unbearable and the tube is an absolute no go unless you want to endure that one person who always forgets to use deodorant, only to emerge looking like you’ve just ran a marathon, and your best shirt now has sweat patches in places you didn’t know could sweat.

BooHoo Man contacted me recently inviting me to choose a couple of pieces from their Summer 2018 range of shorts and short sleeved shirts, perfect for these boiling hot days. I’m not a massive wearer of shorts apart from on holiday – I’ve always felt a bit awkward turning up to work with my legs out, but with the temperatures we’ve been experiencing, I’ve had to embrace them and I have to say I’m converted. If you’re after some summer body confidence tips I’ve shared some of mine here.

boohoo man summer mens fashion 2018

I opted for a pair of khaki skinny fit denim shorts. I love the length of these – not super short, yet short enough to look stylish. I think any longer than mid thigh and shorts start to look a bit ‘middle aged generic tourist’ on me, so I prefer them to sit mid thigh. But feel free to educate me on other ideas if you don’t agree. I’m always open minded when it comes to fashion and style, at least I try to be, although you won’t be able to convince me on the high heeled Croc’s that have snuck out this summer 😉

I’ve found in the past that sometimes with denim shorts the pockets can be quite shallow and the fit around the waist isn’t very comfortable, either too tight or saggy at the back. The great thing about these is that they are stretch denim, and they have deep pockets! So not only are the really comfortable and they hug the legs a bit, but there is also room for the phone, keys and wallet situation. See the proof below – clambering the rocks was no issue in these bad boys!

boohoo man denim shorts green

Now some of you will know that since my epic wardrobe declutter, I’ve been attempting to make smarter wardrobe decisions – and with that in mind I wanted to go for a colour and fabric that would work with a multitude of other colours and styles. I think we’ve got a strong choice here with the khaki green denim. It’s smart enough that with a belt, you could pair it with a formal long sleeve shirt for a summer evening – yet they are casual enough to throw on a band T for a festival. Win win!

The shirt I chose comes from a really nice range of short sleeved printed shirts by BooHoo Man. This style of shirt has become my staple this summer, I’m still wearing a few from last year and if you fancy a watch of some haul videos, I picked up some in charity shops and some more in the summer sales. I find them more flattering than a t-shirt, they are that little bit looser so sweat patches aren’t an issue, and they are great to sling on and off for a day at the beach or pool if you are on holiday. Depending on the sleeve I’ll sometimes roll them up a bit.

boohoo man summer short sleeve shirt

Being a plant lover, I’m a big fan of leaf prints and loved this monochrome take on this trend. Again, this is something that can easily be dressed up for a more formal / evening look by tucking it into trousers and yet casual enough for a day at the beach. I definitely recommend this style of shirt if you are going away for a weekend and want to pack light!

Let me know what you think of this outfit, and long may this amazing weather and the UK heatwave continue! (But also please rain soon for the sake of the plants, and for those of you not enjoying it, hang in there – it will be autumn before we know it!)

If you want to take a look behind the scenes of this *shoot, you might want to have a watch of my Sicily Vlog over on my YouTube Channel.

I also recently went along to the BooHoo Man AW18 collection preview and vlogged some of my favourite pieces from that, so feel free to have a watch of that too if you want some inspiration for this Autumn. And if you’re not already, feel free to follow me on Instagram where I often post what I’m wearing, along with anything else I think you might be interested in 🙂

*(Shoot meaning me and my tripod scrambling about on rocks hoping not to drop my camera in the sea).

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